For four years, I have successfully forged compromises at City Hall on controversial issues from homelessness to housing density in the general plan update. I will continue to lead the way with common sense priorities, to focus expenitures on what really counts, and to protect the beauty and small town charm of our great city.
As your Councilmember, public safety is my top priority. Over the last decade, the number of police officers has steadily reduced. This year, I successfully led the effort to add four new police officers to the force. The police need the staff and the tools to do their job. Putting more police officers on our streets is vital to keeping our community safe.
Previous City Councils had dangerously depleted our fiscal reserves just as we were heading into the worls economic downturn since the Great Depression. As your fiscally responsible Councilmember I have changed our course. I voted against pay raises we couldn't afford, directed sound fiscal management of our city's dollars, and negotiated fair union contracts that protect taxpayers.